Modern workspace solutions.

Your office buildings have shared meeting rooms, desks, and various other resources.

We make it easier for you to manage and monitor your workspace resources.

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Improve the way that you manage and monitor your bookable resources.

Fishbowl Meeting Room Displays

A stand-alone tablet app that integrates with your existing Google, Microsoft, or Teamup meeting rooms.

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Quick actions

Book, end and extend meetings directly from each tablet


Style Fishbowl with your own colour scheme and logo

Fully synced

Syncs with your existing Google GSuite, Office 365, Exchange On-Prem or Teamup calendars.1

Require check-in

Prevent empty meeting rooms by requiring organizers to check-in. Rooms are automatically released if not checked-in.2


Pangolio provides enterprise resource management for your Exchange resources


A full workspace management suite that syncs with your Office 365/Exchange Online resources.

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Floorplan booking

Book resources intuitively from floorplans.


Monitor resource utilization and meeting statistics.

Remote management

Monitor and manage your meeting room displays remotely. Settings take effect instantly.

Custom resources

Manage your meetings rooms, desks, or any other bookable resource.

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