Full-stack technology solutions

We offer full-stack technology solutions. This means that we deliver every building block of your solution, without the need to outsource to various agencies.

Data Science

Lots of data? We can help you to store heaps of it in Amazon Redshift, analyse it, and give you actionable insights.

AI & Machine Learning

We are AI and machine learning experts. We can help you build classifiers, cluster your customers into segments, and build predictive models.

Mobile Apps

We build native Android and iOS apps, with rich graphics, location awareness (GPS and BLE beacon), and API integration.

Database and API

Server-side functionality to suit your app, from secure authentication to SMS and e-mail notifications.

Responsive Web Apps

We use Javascript frameworks like Angular and Vue, alongside HTML5 and Bootstrap to create fully responsive web apps that work on PCs, tablets and smartphones.


We love building beautiful, simple, and useful products. We achieve this through iterative improvement and extensive usability testing.

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